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Isolated DC-DC Converters

Isolated DC-DC Converters

  • Isolated  DC-DC Converters
Isolated  DC-DC Converters
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Enargy
Model Number: MT13-48S5-POC
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Detailed Product Description
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isolated dc dc converter


high power dc dc converter

DC-DC Converters 13W Output 5V MT13-48S5-POC



Key Features

Output power: 13W

Wide input range:36-72Vdc

High conversion efficiency: 91%

Line regulation to ±0.5%

Load regulation to ±1.0%

Isolation voltage :1,500V

Enable (ON/OFF) control

Output over-current protection

Hiccup mode short circuit protection

Over-temperature protection

Input under-voltage lock-out

Output voltage trim -5~+10 % Vout


Product Overview

These DC-DC converter modules use advanced power processing, control and packaging technologies to provide the performance, flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness of a mature power component. High frequency Active Clamp switching provides high power density with low noise and high efficiency.


1. Electric Characteristics

1.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Input Voltage     75 Vdc Continuous, non-operating
    72 Vdc Continuous, operating
    75 Vdc Operating transient protection,<100mS
Isolation voltage     2000 Vdc Input to output
Operating Temperature -40   100 In view of PCB Temperature
Storage Temperature -55   115  
Enable to Vin- Voltage 0   10 Vdc  

1.2 Input Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Input Voltage Range 36 48 72 Vdc  
Under-Voltage Lockout   34 35.5 Vdc Recovery point
31.5 32   Vdc Protect point
Maximum Input Current     0.45 A Input Vin min,Output full load
Efficiency   90   % Rated Input;Rated Load
Dissipation,standby   0.8   W No Load


1.3 Output Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Output Voltage Set Point 4.95 5.00 5.05 Vdc Nominal input. No Load
Output Voltage Range 4.90 5.00 5.10 Vdc  
Output Current Range 0   2.6 A  
Line Regulation   ±0.02 ±0.5 %  
Load Regulation   ±0.50 ±1.0 %  
Current Limit 2.8 3.3   A Output voltage 95% of nominal
Short Circuit Current 2   5 A  
Ripple (RMS)   20   mV Nominal input; full load; 20 MHz bandwidth.
Noise(Peak-to-Peak)   70   mV
Maximum Output Cap     4000 μF  


1.4 Dynamic Response Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Change In Output Current   150   mV 50% to 75% to 50% Iout max; (di/dt=0.1A/μs).
  180   mV 50% to 75% to 50% Iout max; (di/dt=0.5A/μs).
Dynamic recovery time   200   µS  
Output rise time   50   mS Starting from vin to vout rise to 90%
Turn-off overshoot     5 %  


1.5 Functional Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Switching Frequency 230 250 280 KHz  
Output Voltage Trim     10 % Vout Trim Up
    5 Trim Down
Enable Voltage     1 mA  

Enable (ON/OFF) Control

Positive Logic

2.5   10 Vdc ON-Control, Logic high or floating
0   1.5 Vdc OFF-Control, Logic
Over-Load Protection 110 120   % Current mode,Pulsecurrent(100% raredload)
Short-Circuit Protection       mΩ Hiccup mode,since the recovery
Over-Temperature Protection   105   Type: Non-Latching, Auto-Recovery;Threshold, PCB Temperature
  90   Recovery point


1.6 Isolation Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Isolation Voltage 1500     Vdc Input to Output
      Vdc In to base
      Vdc Out to base
Isolation Resistance 100     MΩ At 500VDC to test it when atmosphericpressure and R.H. is 90%
Isolation Capacitance   1000   pF  


2. General Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Weight   10   Oz (g)  
MTBF ( calculated ) 1     MHrs TR-NWT-000332;80% load,300LFM, 40℃ Ta


3. Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Notes
Operating Temperature -40   100 Base PCB temperature
Storage Temperature -55   115 Ambient temperature
Temperature Coefficient     ±0.02 %/℃  
Humidity 20   95 %R.H.  


4. Standards Compliance

Parameter Notes
IEC 61000-4-2  


5. Typical Wave And Curves


Isolated  DC-DC Converters 0Isolated  DC-DC Converters 1


Figure 1: Efficiency at nominal output voltage vs.load current for minimum, nominal, and maximuminput voltage at 25°C.

Figure 2: Efficiency at nominal output voltage and60% rated power vs. airflow rate for ambient airtemperatures of 25°C.



Isolated  DC-DC Converters 2Isolated  DC-DC Converters 3


Figure 3: Maximum output power derating curves vs.ambient air temperature for airflow rates of 0 LFM through400 LFM with air flowing from pin 1 to pin3(nominalinput voltage).

Figure 4: Output voltage ripple at nominal inputvoltage and rated load current (20 mV/div). Loadcapacitance: 0.1μF ceramic capacitor and 10μFtantalum capacitor. Bandwidth: 20 MHz.


Isolated  DC-DC Converters 4


Figure 5: Ambient temperature is 25 ℃, the load carriedby the load (power 13W), the thermal imaging map.


Isolated  DC-DC Converters 5Isolated  DC-DC Converters 6


Figure 6: Turn-on transient at full load (resistiveload) (100 ms/div).Input voltage pre-applied.Ch1:Vout (2V/div);Ch2:ON/OFF Input (5V/div)

Figure 7: Shut-down fall time at full load (400ms/div).Ch1:Vout (2V/div);Ch2:ON/OFF Input (5V/div)




Isolated  DC-DC Converters 7Isolated  DC-DC Converters 8


Figure 8: Output voltage response to step-change inload current (50%-75%-50% of Iout(max); dI/dt =0.1A/μs). Load cap: 10μF, 100 mΩ ESR tantalumcapacitor and 1μF ceramic capacitor. Ch1: Vout(200mV/div)

Figure 9: Output voltage response to step-change inload current (50%-75%-50% of Iout(max): dI/dt =0.5A/μs). Load cap: 10μF, 100mΩ ESR tantalumcapacitor and 1μF ceramic cap. Ch1: Vout (200mV/div)


6. Physical Information

6.1 Mechanical Outline


Isolated  DC-DC Converters 9


1. All other pins are 0.6mm dia

2. Pin4 and Pin6 are parallel connection. The user could achieve the function Vout(+) whether connect either two pin orboth.

3. Tolerances: x.xx±0.02 in. (x.x±0.5mm)±0.010 in. (x.xx±0.25mm)


6.2 Pin Designations

Pin No. Name Function
1 Vin(-) Negative Input voltage
2 Enable TTL input to turn converter on and off, referenced to Vin(-), with internal pull up.
3 Vin(+) Positive Input voltage
4 Vout(+) Positive Output Voltage
5 Vout(-) Negative Output Voltage
6 Vout(+) Positive Output Voltage
7 Trim Output Voltage Trim





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